My Story

  Hello! My name is Ange, this is the story of my Scentsy Business (thus far!) I have a wonderful husband Damian who is my partner in my Scentsy business and we have four children- Charlotte (6) and Amelie (4)and Hudson (2) and Maisie (6 months). We live on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.   I first learnt about Scentsy two weeks before its launch in Australia. I had Charlotte who was 2 at the time, and Amelie was 5 weeks old! I spoke extensively with a lovely lady, Meredith, from Texas, USA. On September 2 2013 I purchased my Scentsy Starter Kit for $152 (including shipping) I had not touched, or smelt any Scentsy at this time. I just had this good feeling and was feeling excited. I was so excited about Scentsy that I asked people to join my Scentsy Business even before  it launched - so on Day One - I signed up six beautiful consultants to join my business. I love this girls dearly - as they have the same passion and excitement for their businesses as I do.  
In my first month I had a triple promotion to Star Consultant, in the second month I promoted to Superstar Consultant.  In November 2013 I became a Founding Director for Scentsy in Australia - this is one of my proudest moments. 

During this time I qualified for the First Australian Scentsy Incentive Trip - to the United States. I could scarcely believe that this 'Scentsy smelly' thing was now paying our mortgage and was about to fly my husband and I overseas!  

In May 2014 I received yet another promotion , this time to Star Director. I was astounded and delighted by the progress that my business was making. It was at this point it became 'real' and the decision was to take 12 months leave of absence from the police force.

In July 2014 Damian and I went on the adventure of a lifetime. The Scentsy Incentive Trip flew us to Los Angeles where we stayed - and we got to tour the sights of Hollywood and explore Universal Studios, Santa Monica. We were then flown to St. Louis where we attended the Scentsy Family Reunion.We saw so many awesome things on our travels, made some amazing Scentsy Friendships all around the world. We saw Sara Barrellis and Train live in concert. Comedian Jim Gaffigan performed for us also. We met truly inspirational people - the Founders of the Company Orville & Heidi Thompson. Damian and I came  away truly inspired - we got to walk  to the stage as Star Directors for Australia.  I was inspired and excited to help our team build their businesses and reach financial freedom. 

In August I  attended the first ever Australian Scentsy Reunion. This is a time where Consultants come together to celebrate our successes, bond, share advice and learn. I was awarded The Annual Mentor Award and recognised for my promotions. At this event I was humbled and honoured to become Australia's very first Shining Star. This award is such an honor. It is awarded to one person for showing outstanding Scentsy Spirit - it is from peer nominations. I feel very blessed and grateful for this.

After this event I promoted to Superstar Director - which is the highest rank in Scentsy. I achieved this just shy of one year working in my 'Scentsy' thing. I love my team 'Wolf Pack' and I love being able to train and mentor them. There is nothing better than sitting down and goal setting with someone and being able to watch them reach their goals - and change their lives. There are only four Superstar Directors in Australia and New Zealand.  

In September 2014 I could see my husband struggling with his work in the police force. For the first time since I had known him - he was bringing work stress home with him. Family Violence is a huge issue in Australia - and for the police members involved it is highly taxing and emotional. When Damo was continually worried about the safety of one of his victims, I knew things had to change. My Scentsy business was now so strong and continuing to grow - that I was able to tell Damo - to resign. It was one of the best feelings to know that I could support him when it was needed most - to be able to take him from such a negative environment - to work with me.

For three gorgeous years Damian chose to be a stay at home Daddy... the Manny. He has now returned to work to create his own career again (well outside the police force!)

Scentsy has given us the chance to travel for FREE to:


and we are now working towards an all expenses paid Cruise in the Mediterranean! I just can't wait to do it! I really can't believe how much we have been able to travel as a result of our Scentsy Business.

We have a gorgeous and inspiring team of Wolfies and the One Happy Tribe. It's a fun, community minded team that helps every one achieve their goals.

This can be a full time/ part time or casual business. You might choose just to get the perks of being a Consultant (they are pretty sweet!) You might choose to be a home shopper.

We have people from every walk of life working with us - Professionals, Doctors, Sports People, Mums and Dads, Military and Police - you name it... we have everyone!

If you want to give it a go - what do you have to lose?

Send me a text or give me a call - I can send you an free business pack.

Ange x

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