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Ange Robson

SuperStar Director


My Story

Well hello there...

First up - thank you for wandering into my website. I'm Ange - Scentsy addict, Superstar Director and Mentor.

I have been with Scentsy for 6 years now - since we first launched here in Australia. Over this time I have experienced such a sense of community, a crazy awesome social life - and fantastic business growth.

When I initially joined Scentsy - I had just had my second child (Amelie now 6) and had Charlotte (now 8). I was on maternity leave from the police force and I was worried about PPD, which I had experienced with my first child. I wanted something to focus on, for adult time, and to be able to contribute to our life while away from work.

I picked up Scentsy and ran with it - as hard as I could. I quickly realised that this was a life changing opportunity. Since I began, I have had another two babies Hudson (4) and Maisie (2). Scentsy has supported me fully while in this family growing stage of life.

Every Mama needs a holiday - a girls trip. Time to relax, rewind and just be themselves again. Scentsy has been this for me. In the last six years I have earnt trips to:
USA - LA & St Louis
Carribean Cruise (unable to attend due to teeny newborn)
Bali (Unable to attend with Newborn - again)
Mediterranean Cruise
New Zealand

I have also travelled multiple times interstate for our events and to the US for training.

I live and breathe Scentsy and fragrance. I have a beautiful Tribe of Ladies and Gents who inspire me daily. We believe in positivity, good attitudes and that success can be gained through effort.

We welcome people from all walks of life - if you would like to be:
- A home shopper (for 20% discounts)
- A casual Consultant
- Part Timer
- Full Timer
- Business Builder

I would love to help you get started, train you and support you through your future path.

I currently reside in Skye, Victoria. I have team members all over Australia, New Zealand, US and Europe. Distance is not an issue - you can be ANYWHERE and be part of the crew. :)

Talk soon.


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